The sun is back…

The “return of the sun” day is officially the 23rd of January but several days of overcast weather have kept the sun at bay. Today the living room was bathed in sunshine for the first time this year. Although we don’t suffer from the winter blues it is still a great moment when the sun returns to our home.

The sun just visible over the valley wall

The view, always different, always the same. Today: sunshine with a very faint corona.

Bright sunshine and dark shadows in the livingroom

Dazzle season is back… soon we will be pulling the curtains to keep out the light.

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

It is snowing like mad and it’s not as if we can do much about it. If King Canute had tried to stop the snow from doing its thing, instead of the sea, he would have ended up looking like a very large meringue. I’ve been out twice this evening moving snow around. Here I am doing my Banksy impersonation whilst clearing snow off the roof of the bike shed.

We'll be doing more of this in the next couple of days...

We’ll be doing more of this in the next couple of days…

It looks like it will be difficult to use the bike trailer to take Odd Egill to barnehage tomorrow. So the pulk has been taken out of storage readied for use.

A temporary cure for slippery surfaces

Yesterday’s slippery problem has been solved today, at least temporarily, by a blanket of new snow. This has stuck to the slippery bits and covered all the dirty old snow and ice with a layer of large, white, grippy snowflakes that ‘crump’ satisfyingly underfoot.

As a general rule, if the surface under your feet ‘crumps’, then you have at least some grip. It is when your foot makes no sound, on the ground that you have to start being careful.