Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Snow, in unusually large quantities, has hit the south west of Norway. Stavanger airport was closed for several hours earlier today. More is on the way as this report cheerfully announces, click here for the Norglish version.

For those of you in the brown, grey and damp parts of Europe, who long for snow, try this. It should help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Many guys wrong

Google mistranslation of an NRK webpage

50% of the population know this already ;)

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a salacious article about the quality of Norwegian men (with tips as to how to get an unruly one under control with two blocks of wood), but rather an amusing example of how Google Translate gets it wrong. The mis-translation is not so surprising given that the Norwegian title of the article is “Mange fyrer* feil” .

I am sure that there are probably quite a few ladies out there who would have benefitted from an article as to how to use their man effectively. Although, in many cases, one article might not have been enough…

The article actually gives some useful tips as to how to use a wood burning stove effectively. Which is very important to know at this time of year. You can read the Norglish auto translation of the article here.

*Fyrer is the verb ‘fire’ as in ‘set fire to’ (sette fyr på) or to fire a shot, and as a noun, the plural of the word for ‘bloke’.

Ten billion trees

According to research carried out by Aksel Granhus of the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute there are more than ten billion trees in Norway. That works out at fifteen thousand trees per head of population. The estimate including all saplings and seedlings is around eighty billion trees.

Well that will give us something to aim for with our new chainsaw!

Reported in the Hallingdølen 22/11/2012

The whole fjord was boiling with dolphins

The NRK has a series of pictures from Sortlandssundet in Vesteralen taken by a local journalist. She managed to get the coastguards to take her out into the sound on a boat where she took her photos. The coastguard said that while he had seen dolphins close to his boat before, he had never seen such activity in one place before.

Click here to see the pictures and the article in Norwegian.

Click here to read the article in Norglish.

Video: early thaw in Trøndelag

The unseasonably warm weather has lead to a rapid thaw in much of Norway in the last week. The NRK website has an interesting video of the river Sona in Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag (Trondheim area). You can see the flood wave racing down the river taking thick layers of ice with it.

Click here to go the the NRK website to see the video. If you have problems viewing the video from outside Norway try here instead.