We spend most of our Whit break in Saltum Strand in northern Denmark at a 2CV meet. We drove down to Göteborg on the Friday and crossed to Fredrikshavn in North Jutland on the midnight ferry.

We had two days in glorious summer weather at Guldager Camping (recommended if you are planning to visit the area) before taking the Sunday night ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik and driving back through the night to Gol.

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Back home

We’re back in Gol, after a long drive with two heavily laden vehicles.Our time in Utrecht didn’t quite go as planned and we left way too late at around 2-30pm on Saturday.

It went well considering, we had the good fortune that nothing went wrong with our transport, and we had fine weather. We had to drive through Saturday night to get to the ferry, stopping a few times to sleep.

Although it was a bit misty on Denmark on Sunday morning….

…….we made it to the ferry with plenty of time.

We discovered on arrival in Larvik that we should have provided an inventory of all our belongings that we have imported so far and one for the next batch. Another thing for the to-do list.

The drive up to Gol was slow, once we had left the E18. The RV280 and RV7 are lovely in the day but hard work in the dark. Especially when most of the traffic is going in the opposite direction. We had sections of road with new asphalt and no road markings, and later on some mist.

What is the reward from the struggle of the last week or so and the disappointment of not being able to bring the van with us? The view from the breakfast table this morning.