Damae’s sister Britta, came to visit for a couple of weeks. While she was here we went out to Sognefjord and Bergen, and returned via the Rv 7 over the Hardangervidda, to show her a bit more of Norway.

The gallery of her stay and our Easter trip is here .

Spring, cleaning.

Spring is definitely here. The birch trees in the garden are covered in fresh, green, spring leaves,  and the sun shines most of the day in the blue skies.

The bare patches in the pine forests have now been replaced by bright green patches showing clearly where the birch trees are.

In the winter the council grits the pavements and roads in town. They don’t use grit salt as the temperatures are too low. Once the snow disappears, the stone grit is left on pavements and roads. It makes cycling round town a bit more exciting.

Today, this changed as a large tractor equipped with brushes swept the roads, cleaning up all the grit and leaving a layer of water that freshened the afternoon air.

Before we know it, the short summer season will be upon us once more and we can look forward to celebrating the first anniversary of our move to Norway. So far, life is good.

Autumn returns

We thought we’d finished with autumn when the first snow fell. Actually, all that the snow did was pause autumn until the thaw. Once spring came and the snow melted, the leaves that had fallen from the trees were free to start blowing around the garden again.

The leaves blew into the carport and collected there. They blew into the house each time we opened the doors. We also picked up leaves on our shoes and brought them inside with us. We found leaves everywhere in the house, even in the bathroom and bedroom.

Action was required, so out came the grass rake and we cleared the lawns again. Out came the dustpan and brush as we collected the leaves in the house and put them in the bin. It’s now sorted, until autumn returns, in the autumn, that is.

The first (real) day of spring

Yes, it feels like spring today, even early summer when you are in the sunshine. It must be warm as Damae is sitting outside without a fleece and a hat and scarf.

 The grass on the lawn is already turning green. That’s after a day of being free of snow and half a day of sunshine. They sky is that brilliant shade of blue that greeted us when we moved here last August.

Yes, it is the first (real) day of spring today.