In 2005 we had our first cycling holiday in Norway and fell  in love with the country. Over the next few years we started learning Norwegian and went back to explore more of the country. We visited project councils who were trying to attract new residents as part of our cycle tours and asked lots of questions when we got the chance. We visited Oslo in the autumn and Røros twice for winter holidays.

In 2008 we set up a blog with the snappy title, We Are Moving To Norway with the equally snappy URL http://wearmovingtonorway.blogspot.com . This has served us well and we are still using it for the time being, but I became increasingly irritated by US high tech companies in general and Google in particular. New Look Google was the last straw and it made me realise that I didn’t want to entrust my personal content to such organisations nor to cloud based services over which I had no influence. So I decided to look for an alternative place to host our blog of experiences free from the commercial pressure of such companies.

I decided to go with another WordPress install on my own webspace to complement the two I already have. This was child’s play as all I needed to do was to change the database prefix in the wp_config file and install WordPress again in a new directory. Then a short search for a suitable theme, fiddle with it to get it how we wanted it to look and we were ready to go.

This site now contains all the old posts from our old blog, plus new material. The old blog is not being updated and will be stripped of its contents. This means that our Life in Norway blog is the definitive version of the blog.

You can subscribe to our two RSS feeds, one for posts and one for comments.

Unlike the old blog, comments have to be approved before they are displayed. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see your comment appear immediately. Be patient. If you are a spammer and your post gets past Akismet, then we’ll mark your post as spam. This will mean that other Akismet users will know that you are a spammer.

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