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Day 14. Geilo to Dagali.

Distance 27.4km Average 11.9km/h.

We awoke at a more normal time in a warmer place today. I had decided that the tasks in the morning for me would be re-grease and replace bearings on both back wheels and clean chains, derailleurs and cassettes. I had to do this without a workshop and without spilling oil and white spirit on the ground. So it went just a little slower than usual. I took both wheels off and Damae took them up to the bike shop to have the cassette removed. This made life a lot easier and she played gopher a couple of times that morning.

When I took Damae's bikes bearings apart I noticed that one of the cones had a deep pit in it. As the wheel and bearings were new in Denmark I assumed that the cone had a material defect in it. Whatever the cause we needed a new one and some new bearings, so Damae headed up the hill to the shop. By around lunchtime the bikes were back together so we packed up only to be interrupted by a rain shower.

However the bikes were still not right with the chains complaining now. So we headed up to the bike shop again got some advice and prepared to leave. Then it started raining again and this time quite heavily. So we visited Geilo Sport and I think a Perry Sport until the rain eased.

Just outside Geilo on the 40 heading towards Dagali I got frustrated enough to swap the chains about and then spent a further fifteen minutes adjusting my rear derailleur. Finally a bit of peace and quiet and no more chattering chains. Still a useful tip is if you can clean your bike enough without dismantling it then do so.

The rest of the day went fine, the weather was kind to us. However not knowing this would be the case in advance and as it was already mid afternoon we decided to go no further than Dagali. We were still feeling a bit off colour so we made it a sort of a rest day.

The route to Dagali was all main road. This was not bad, as we had some lovely views down the Geilo Valley and of the landscape in general. We had a couple of long climbs ahead of us five kilometres or so of plugging away in first gear. I waited as usual at the top and took photos. There was a lot of high pasture here, nestling between the pine forests. Here as we discovered later on the Numedalsruta there seemed to be a lot of farming going on which surprised me given the latitude and the altitude.

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