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Day 10. Rest day. Bergen revisited.

Distance a few km. Average not recorded.

We awoke and did our morning ablutions. We sat in the cafe for a little while before we decided to go and sit by the stairs down to our bike deck. We had found a lift around the corner from our cabin, and filled it with ourselves and our panniers. That was a little easier than the trip down to the cabin.

For half an hour we stood and sat looking out on the bay of Bergen as the ship wound its way to its berth. I am sure that they were playing one of the songs from 'Så som it Himmelen' as we waited, which made for a relaxing arrival. The weather looked grey and cool rather than the sunny warmth of the voyage the day before.

Then we were called to disembark, and shuffled slowly down the stairs to the deck where we had left our bikes. Together with the other cyclists we untied our bikes and hung our baggage from them. Then as the ship docked we made our way out of the ship trying to inhale as little of the fume filled air as possible.

Outside it was indeed cool and grey, we cycled slowly towards the fishmarket area of Bergen from the ferry terminal. It was good, actually great to be back in Bergen. We both like what we have seen of the town, and the location of the town is wonderful.

The plan was to visit the Tourist Information to see what routes were open to cyclists heading up to Voss. We arrived and went in to find out what the possibilities were. We heard from the lady behind the counter that it was no longer possible to cycle directly up to Voss as a tunnel had been closed to bicycle traffic. The other option was a meandering route away from the main road that was apparently somewhat longer than the main road. Hmmm. Time to re-think our plans.

Feeling a bit peckish we decamped to the 'Godt Brød' shop just across the way from the tourist office and enjoyed some yummy sandwiches and a great cafe latte and discussed various options. We decided on a plan B. This was to stay in Bergen for the night and do some more sightseeing and then take the train up to Voss the following morning.

Our first act of plan B was to dump our bike bags at the left luggage office at the Station. We headed up to the station in the sun. While we were there we picked up some tickets for ourselves and the bikes. This done we headed back out into the sunshine of Bergen. Most people tell us that Bergen is one of the wettest places in Europe but we only seem to get the sunshine. Maybe that is why we like it so much.

After doing this we then decided to see if we could get a room for the night near to the station. The camping options were quite limited and it looked like we would have to go to Nestun to camp. This we achieved without too much trouble although the Tourist Bureau was now much busier than it had been earlier in the morning. I got bored so took some more photos of the row of buildings opposite the Tourist Information. We ended up with a double room in a private house up a steep hill.

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