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Day 11. Bergen to Voss by train Voss to Mjølfjell Youth Hostel.

Distance 39km. Average 10.8km/h.

We awoke to see that the clouds had returned and the morning started cool just as the day before. We packed up and had breakfast before taking our leave from our mattress enabled sanctuary. We had received clear instructions from the lady of the house about how to get back to the centre of Bergen on normal roads. This was an exhilarating start to the day, as we freewheeled back down to the Station area. A quick left turn by devious means and we were outside the station.

We entered via the side entrance as it was bike friendly and found a place to wait at our platform. Above us was a large permanent advert for a beer company that reminded me of the one in Cologne Hauptbahnhof in Germany. It made me smile. The sun had managed to burn the thin clouds away and it looked like we were going to have another beautiful day.

The train arrived and it was very red. We found the large bike compartment at the far end of the train. After stowing our bikes we found that our seats were at the other end of the train. Grump. Fortunately we had taken the things we would need on the train with us so it was not a big problem.

The train was clean and comfortable albeit we felt a little expensive at around NOK 150 per person and per bike. Still it allowed us to get to the start of the Rallarvegen so we got on with enjoying the views. Ah yes the views, they were wonderful. The train line runs along the side of a fjord for some time, winding in and out of small tunnels.

I didn't take any photos as I decided to just enjoy the scenery. In any case the small tunnels made it hard to get the shots I wanted and the bright sunlight created reflections on the inside of the carriage.

What we saw from Bergen to Voss makes us want to take the train all the way to Oslo one day, and then in the daytime. Not just for the first section but to see what the Rallarvegen looks like from the train.

Around an hour and a half after leaving Bergen we were standing on the platform in Voss. We basked for a few moments in the glorious sunshine, happy that it was warm and sunny again but wishing that we didn't have to climb all day today. Still it was great not to be cold and wet, and that there was no significant headwind. Already much better than most of the previous week in Denmark.

Our first stop was at the Tourist Information in Voss. Damae wanted to ask a few things about the route and this took a half hour or so. I stood out in the sun and took a video* panorama to record the feel of the places. It was bustling without being too busy, bathed in sunshine and surrounded by the green mountains. Lovely.

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* There is a link to the video so you won't have to download it if you don't want to.