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Contents and trip statistics

Prologue: A cautionary tale of over-optimism!
Day 0. Utrecht to Flensburg: by train via Duisburg. Distance Cycled 5km. Average n/a
Day 1. Flensburg to Højer. Distance 79.5km. Average 16.9km/h.
Day 2. Højer to Ribe. Distance 61.4km. Average before broken wheel 19.5km/h, for day 16.9km/h.
Day 3. Ribe to Nymindegab. Distance 100km Average 17.3km/h.
Day 4. Nymindegab to Harboør. Distance 113km. Average 19.2km/h.
Day 5. Harboør to Nørre Vorupør via Hurup. Distance 71.1km. Average 18km/h.
Day 6. Nørre Vorupør to Hanstholm (Febbersted). Distance 60.6km. Average 14.6km/h.
Day 7. Hanstholm to Blokhus. Distance 92.6km. Average 15.3km/h.
Day 8. Blokhus to Hirtshals. Distance 66.7km Average 14.6
Day 9. Rest Day. Hirthals to Bergen with the ferry. Distance on bikes 2km.
Day 10. Bergen revisited.
Day 11. Bergen to Voss by train Voss to Mjølfjell Youth Hostal. Distance 39km Average 10.8km/h
Day 12. Mjølfjell YH to somewhere before Haugestøl. Distance 43.2km Average 9.0km/h
Day 13. From 12km short of Haugestøl to Geilo. Distance 36.6km Average16.3km/h.
Day 14. Geilo to Dagali. Distance 27.4km Average 11.9km/h. A sort of rest day.
Day 15. Dagali to Skagoset. Distance 77.8km Average 15.6km/h
Day 16. Skagoset to Kongsberg. Distance 77.4km/h Average 16.9km/h.
Day 17. Kongsberg to Hvåra Bru. Distance 77.7km Average 14.9km/h.
Day 18. Hvåra Bru to Larvik, then ferry to Hirtshals. Distance 40.4km Average 14.6km.
Day 19. Hirtshals to Sæby via Skagen and Fredrikshavn. Distance 116km Average 18.5km/h.
Day 20. Sæby to Smidie. Distance 73.3km Average 17.3km/h
Day 21. Smidie to Randers then to Kolding by train. Distance 76.8km Average 16.2km/h.
Day 22. Sightseeing in Kolding then night train to Duisburg. Distance by bike 20km.
Day 23. Trains from Duisburg to Utrecht. Missed connections and grumpy Dutch conductors.