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Damae heading towards Upsete Station Summer 2006

Cycling the NSCR in Denmark and the Rallarvegen and Numedalsruta in Norway.

Here is some information about our experience of the NSCR in Denmark and two signed routes in Norway. In August 2006 we made our second long cycle trip from Flensburg in Germany to Randers in Denmark, following the West and East coast routes (aka the Danish North Sea Cycle Route).

At Hirtshals we took a ferry to Bergen in Norway, a train to Voss and then cycled most of the way to Larvik. We then returned by ferry to Hirtshals to finish off our route in Denmark. It was distinctly more challenging than the trip in 2005 and we ended up covering almost 1400km in total. It was a great experience despite poor weather in Denmark and bike troubles. The Norwegian section was our favourite bit.

Getting there and getting back.

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Rain clouds in Denmark Summer 2006 that soaked us