A misty Dutch morning from the train.



3rd of June

You might be forgiven for thinking that nothing has happened here for a while. To be honest I forgot to update this page, although I have been updating the rss feed as and when I have changed things. Here is a short summary of changes:

Travel: The 2008 travelogue was finished at the beginning of 2011. The 2009 travelogue has WIP status and the 2011 travelogue skeleton is up. So you can check the statistics for the trip.

Galleries: I have put up three galleries in the Norway section. One is of Britta's trip to Gol Easter 2011, the second a gallery of our wood harvesting activities from spring of 2012. The third is a gallery of pictures from the 2cv meet in Saltum Strand (Denmark) at Whitsun of this year.

Blogs: I have moved our emigration blog to a Wordpress blog hosted locally on this site. I got fed up of Google's New Look everything, and the way they are now behaving like Microsoft in forcing unwelcome changes on users. The old Blogspot blog has been stripped of all content and left with a message pointing users to the new blog.


21st of December 2010

There are some small improvements to the webcam page prompted by an early Winter Solstice present in the form of a new webcam. The image size on the main webcam page has been adjusted to fit the new webcam and there is also a second page to view the webcam image a full resolution.

If you are looking for a new basic webcam for your Apple then the Logitech C300 works fine with my PPC MacMini running Leopard. Low light performance is worse than my old webcam but everything else is much better. It also works with Skype and PhotoBooth.

18th of June 2010

1) I have a Wordpress blog now hosted on the mistymornings.net site. It is now live although might not be updated regularly in the next three months as emigration plans might get in the way.

2) Damae has a new job in Gol in Norway so we had a few days visiting so Damae could visit the school before the end of the current school year. We travelled by car and ferry which turned out to be a good idea as there were strikes at Norwegian airports whilst we were there. The annoted gallery of the trip is up with both videos and pictures.

6th of February 2010

We have two blogs now so the blog link on the front page now points to a 'blogs page'. The sitemap has also been updated.

12th of January 2010

The webcam page has been revamped and now includes weather information courtesy of yr.no. The webcam page now works with both javascript on or off, although you will still need to refresh the page to see new images if you don't have javascript (enabled).

5th of January 2010

Happy New Year to you all. To celebrate the Galleries page has been spruced up. Some older galleries are now no longer on the site but as compensation two new galleries are up. One is from our Christmas 2008 trip to Røros in Norway and the second is from our repeat trip in 2009. The seccond gallery is an update on the version I uploaded during the trip itself.

I'm still working on the 2008 cycletour travelogue and hope to get the second part from Florø to Trondheim up by the end of January (2010 that is).


15th of July 2009

Part 1 of the 2008 epic tour of Norway is up. This covers the National Cycle Route 3 from Kristiansand to Florø. Enjoy!

21st of June 2009

Front page revamped and colour change for the contact and news pages. Enjoy the longest day of the year!

3rd of May 2009

Corrections and tweaks. Contact page links on the equipment pages were broken, now fixed. A joiner on day 4 of the 2006 travelogue now uploaded.

9th of April 2009

The gallery for the three day trip from Utrecht to Roermond in May 2008 is up. I also corrected a blooper in the 404 error page. I'd used a relative link for the sitemap so it didn't always give the desired effect. This is now corrected and should work as intended.

7th of April 2009

A gallery has been added to the recumbent trike travelogue and review from 2007.

3rd of April 2009

A few pictures of my dear mother's 70th Birthday lunch last year are now up as a gallery. I've also re-instated some pictures of Nina's from her visit a few years ago to San Francisco. I like them and so does someone else who keeps looking for them.

22nd of March 2009

I've tried to set up an Rss icon feed. It seems to work in a basic way but some feedback would be much appreciated. Oh and you might have noticed that the News pages have been brought under the mistymornings.net house style, organised and two links corrected.

7th of March 2009

I've finished re-organising the Equipment pages. Instead of them being scattered through each year/travelogue I've put them all under this main page. The existing Brompton pages will disappear soon, but don't worry they are also to be found under the bikes section of the equipment pages. I've also updated the review of the Macpac Citadel, added reviews of our tents the Eureka Moonshadow Duo, MSR Wind 4, The Helsport Fjellheimen Camp 3 and the ill-fated Vaude Monolith Ultralight.

27th of February 2009

I've finally got a page of the 2007 summer tour videos. They were already in the travelogue but now you can view them all on their own. Enjoy. I've also changed the 2006 video page to the house style and added text underneath the pictures.

9th of February 2009

We now have a blog. It is not about cycling per se but about our plans to move to Norway in 2009. I'm still working on the 2008 travelogue, and will probably put it online in three or four parts. When I get as far as Fløro I'll publish the first section.

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