A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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Stan and Damae in front of Låtefoss in Norway.

Yep that's us in the picture above in front of the famous Låtefoss not far from Odda in Norway. In case you haven't guessed, Stan is the cute one on the right.

It is always nice to hear from people who have enjoyed reading something on the site. It can also be useful if people find something that is wrong; memory is a funny thing and we could have made a mistake. Click here to email us with comments and to swap ideas. We check this email address often, and we try to reply to all queries.

If there is something you couldn't find related to the travelogue then let us know. Sometimes it is merely a question of looking in the right place, the sitemap might help you out if that is the problem. If not your question might well prompt me to add a section to the site or additional information to a travelogue or other pages.

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We're also on Skype, as stan_damae you can see if we are online.
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Which languages do we understand:

Although we are both native English speakers, we can also communicate effectively in both written and spoken Dutch (ABN). We're now capable of responding in Norwegian (Bokmål) although you might have to accept a few grammatical errors in our emails. Stan has a little German from his schooldays and Damae learned a little French at school.

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Cheers Stan & Damae

Stan and Damae on rented recumbent trikes.