A misty Dutch morning from the train.

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12 of December 2008

Some general tidying up and a new Sitemap to aid navigation round the site. The contact page has been updated and changed, hopefully making it simpler and clearer. The route information for the 2007 Scandinavian tour has been updated to include the 13 from Vik to Voss.

11th of October 2008

The summer 2007 travelogue is now finished including the 'Getting there' and 'What we have learned for next time' pages. I have also submitted the travelogue to the Trentobike site. Enjoy!

16th July 2008

Proofreading on Summer 2007 done up to day 8 enjoy the typos on the rest of it. Added a page about how good Bromptons are for 'long distance touring'

16th of July 2008

The Summer 2007 travelogue is up, including video footage as well as 600 pictures. The gallery is also up. Enjoy.


03/12/2007 The Info or 'How this site is made' page has been updated and restructured. I've also added a page about renaming camera images using EXIFInfo.
30/11/2007 In the past couple of weeks the travelogue of the NSCR in Holland has gone up and been publicised. There have been corrections and alterations to the 2006 and NSCR Norway travelogues, including the addition of video material on the 2006 Danish NSCR and Rallarvegen travelogues.
The trikes report is awaiting proofreading and finishing off the review of the ICE TriceNT and HP Velotechnik Scorpion. If I am lucky then it will be finished before Christmas 2007.
I've also been able to solve a renaming problem for image files using RISC OS. Thanks to Chris Terran I've produced a format file for EXIFInfo that creates an obey file in a directory of images. The file is a rename file and changes the name of all images to include the camera name and the datetimestamp contained in the EXIF Information in the image. This is handy if you are trying to order camera images from different cameras in the order they were taken.
12/11/2007 General housekeeping, checking external links and changing them so they open up in a new window.
11/11/2007 The Dutch NSCR travelogue is up, the last three days need proofreading but otherwise it is ready. Corrections to the Danish NSCR travelogue made, and a start on the trip with recumbent trikes report. I have started preparations for the summer 2007 travelogue, NSCR Sweden, the Rallarvegen again and noodling round Sogndalfjord and Jøstedal.
05/11/2007 Dutch NSCR report is coming along nicely. Should be up in a week or two. I've also added videos to the 2006 Danish NSCR travelogue. I finally found and acceptable way to show video material that allowed me to view videos under RISC OS as well as MacOSX and Windows.
14/10/2007 More information about our Bromptons, for those interested in touring with a Brompton. We'll keep you posted.
12/10/2007 Equipment 2007 has been started. Pictures of our touring bikes and Bromptons when used for touring have been added together with some text.
10/10/2007 Cycle touring page changed. Maps and links pages moved down in the directory structure.
08/10/2007 Front page reworked. Contact page added. All pages will uses this in future instead of the direct link to an email address. This will take some time though :) I've re-started work on the Dutch NSCR travelogue.
06/07/2007 I've been through the remainder of the Summer 2006 Travelogue with Ninki's proof reading comments so any remaining bloopers must be intentional :) A big thanks to my littlest sister!
01/07/2007 General site maintenance and a new front page Ooooo! Andries didn't like the old one, so here is a new one. I hope you like it more.
01/07/2007 Travelogue uploaded; 3 day camping trip using our Bromptons. From Culemborg to Rotterdam via Moerdijk, and Renesse in Zeeland. Not so much text but a large picture gallery, and two route maps.
29/06/2007 I've uploaded the 2006 Travelogue Gallery. Also misc site maintenance and a little bit of restructuring.
25/06/2007 The 2006 Travelogue is up. This covers most of the Danish NSCR, and most of the Rallarvegen in Norway plus all the Numedalsruta. Enjoy!
The travelogue is still being proof-read, it has been spell checked once. Hopefully any other bloopers should disappear in the next couple of weeks.
22/05/2007 Minor changes to this and other pages. Text of the 2006 travelogue is basically finished but needs picture and links adding to the pages. Photos of the bikes in 2007 set up taken and we've been touring with Bromptons (report sometime this year :)
19/03/2007 2006 pages started. Information about our bikes and gear, and some things learned from the trip. Travelogue 2006 is WIP and not yet uploaded.
18/03/2007 NSCR 2005, Panorama page added, Travelogue in pictures page added.
12/02/2007 Updated the site information page.
28/01/2007 Added the section 'What have we learned for next time' to the NSCR pages.
20/01/2007 Added the gallery of pictures from a Dockworker's demonstration.

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