First victim of the winter

Long horizontal crack in a laminated car windscreen

Stone star break on the outside, a satnav support suction cup on the inside and maybe too much heat when defrosting the windscreen.
Not as yet sure if the insurance covers this.
Ho hum…

Update : The good news is that the cost of a new windscreen is mostly covered by the insurance. So the car gets to soldier on a bit longer.

-3’c – winter is coming

Frosty field

Back to normal morning temperatures…

Yesterday I had to defrost the car for the first time this autumn. Today, the first normal frost of the autumn.

I guess I am going to have to phone the heat pump installers I asked to quote for some air to air heat pumps.

I often have the feeling that Norwegian companies really don’t want customers given the amount you have to hassle them just to get a quote…