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Sunset over the bay in Lunde (Farsund) summer 2005.

Cycling the North Sea Cycle Route in Norway.

Here is some information about our experience of the NSCR. In August 2005 we made our first long cycle trip from Bergen in Norway to Svinesund in Sweden in. We really enjoyed it and in 2006 did the Danish section of the NSCR and most of the the Rallarvegen and Numedalsruta in Norway. The 2006 travelogue can be found here

Getting there and getting back.

Travelogue: in words and pictures. Updated: now with a forward from Damae.

Travelogue Gallery: I am easily bored, so just show me some pictures.

Gallery: Panoramic views from the trip

Equipment: Bikes tents and other stuff. Opens a new window.

What we have learned for next time.

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View from the old West Coast Highway summer 2005.