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What did we learn for the next trip?

Here are some thoughts as to what we would do differently for the next trip. The thoughts are a bit unstructured, partly because it is a long time since we did the trip now, and partly because some things we have already changed for the trips we made in 2006.

I started out with the idea of focussing on the things that didn't work. However I realised that the ideas we had included things that did work so you will find them all mixed up together in the following pages.

Although compared to experienced cyclists we didn't plan or trip very thoroughly, we were fortunate not to suffer any major problems. We have since bumped into fellow travellers who are far less organised than we were which in a sense is gratifying. However we have benefitted from practice runs especially in the area of getting up and going quickly in the morning. There is always room for improvement.

We've split this into three main sections:

Tips for the trip itself.

Consumables, including fuel and food.

Gear. Bags packing etc

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