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1) Making coffee by putting the filter coffee grinds into a pot, and adding boiling water has advantages. Disposing of the grinds is easier and there is no need to carry filters, or no cleaning out of a re-usable filter.

2) We now use powdered milk almost all of the time. We were able to take enough for the whole trip without taking up too much space. It makes life very much simpler.

3) Travelling by train meant we were able to take methanol with us. It is a much better fuel than ethanol, and a bit better than Norwegian 'Fin Fyr'. We used 3.5 litres of fuel alcohol this trip. Fin Fyr seemed to be more readily available this year than the previous one. We found some in Perry Sport in Bergen without any trouble, and then also in Geilo Sport (surprisingly situated) in Geilo.

4) Danish yoghurt seems rather bland. Norwegian Tine brand yoghurt is a lot tastier.

5) We discovered that cordial in Denmark is sometimes sold in the same packaging as fruit juice. This can be a bit irritating when you were looking forward to drinking a litre of blackcurrant juice, and discover you have bought a litre of neat Ribena instead. Luckily we had some water with us so we could make some use of it.

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