Day 18. Rest and relaxation in the old town in Fredrikstad.

There was plenty to see, we started by eating our sandwiches on a bench close to the hostel and looked at the maps we had got from Tourist Information. We looked out on the defence wall and moat, in the glorious sunshine of course! We wandered round in the afternoon sun enjoying everything. We made a quick detour to a nearby bike shop just to get an idea of the brands and designs that were popular in Norway. Quite different to what is available here in the Netherlands.

After tea we headed out to walk round the walls of the fortified town. The sun was beautiful, as we walked past the road bridge over the Glomma. If anything the town looked more beautiful in the evening sun than earlier in the day. We walked anti-clockwise round towards the ferry jetty.

Damae took the camera for a while and took two of my favourite photos of the tour. We were surprised to see so many wooden buildings in the old town. As it had been a fort I would have expected mostly stone buildings.

At the end of the town we found the old magazine. The building dates from 1674 and has brick walls of at least 1 metre thick. The building houses a gallery as does the one across the road. However it was all shut that evening but we swung by the following day.

Here are just a few more photos to give you an idea of how just how lovely Gamle Fredrikstad is.

We went back to the hostel after some hot chocolate at a restaurant near the Konditori. We sat outside, it was just warm enough and decided that we would have dinner there one night.

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