Day 17. Husøy to Fredrikstad via Tønsberg.

Distance 83.9km. Average 14.8km/h.

The theme of today was a getting lost, and we managed to achive this happy state on both sides of the Oslofjorden. More of this later.

We got off quite early having sorted out the cardkey problem and headed for the ferry from Husøy itself. The jetty we found easily but there was no sign of a boat. We then discovered a sign saying that the ferry was not running. We had heard from someone that this was probably the case, but still rather frustrating especially as the other side of the channel was literally a stone's throw away.

There was also no-one to be found messing about with a boat who might have been prepared to give us a lift. This meant we had to retrace our steps and go the long way round via Tønsberg and then up to Horton.

At least the sun was shining again and with the minor problems at the campsite behind us we headed off towards our final stopping place, which turned out to be Fredrikstad. We hadn't decided at this point to push on to there, but as the day wore on, we realised that it would be a good place to stop.

Back to the route, Tønsberg, I remember little of, although we must have cycled across the bridge as it looks like it is the only way. A little dischuffed at the ferry not running but at least there was a clear alternative.

If I remember correctly we had to look at the map a bit in the beginning as I think that we cut off the tip of the peninsula and went across to Ringshaug before heading up the coast. The section up to Asgårdstrand was easy as it ran on a local service road next to the main road. The views in the sun across the Oslofjorden were wonderful, big boats and ferries going back and forth. Sometimes the view disappeared behind trees only to re-appear a little later.

We stopped at Asgårdstrand to use the facilities and eat something. The going was easy, as often in the mornings, the gotchas occurring later in the day just when you didn't want them. As we got closer to Horton we started to have great difficulty finding the route signs. The route at this point left metalled road and went along tracks. We must have missed a turning as suddenly the track stopped and turned into a path zigzagging up to a road. We popped out into the sun right next to Edvard Munchs' house in true 'and now for something completely different' mode.

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