Day 16. Helgeroa to Husøy contd.

The countryside was now flatter than the section from Helgeroa to Larvik, winding through cultivated farmland, plenty of signs of inhabitation. We rounded a bend into a little inlet to see the small viking museum at Kaupang. The setting was lovely nearby a farmer was harvesting wheat, and although we had stopped in Larvik we decided it was worth a few minutes on our time.

There was a small building housing a permenant exhibition and in the adjoining field a number of tents with more artefacts, a couple of tables and a kettle hanging over a campfire. A lady in viking clothing was also there welcomed us to the 'living museum' part of the Kaupang experience. She told us a bit about Kaupang and what it had been and the culture of the vikings, and we then wandered into the tents to have a look at the displays.

Sadly all the information was in Norwegian only, although we realised that using our English Dutch and German we could work out what it was saying. However it was hard work and after 10 mins of reading we gave up and just looked at things. One of the tents had a small loom and items relating to cloth and clothing, which Damae found interesting.

We sat outside on one of the tables and decided to eat lunch in the sunshine with the picturesque view, before heading to the museum building. I absorbed the history of the place, imagining what this sleepy corner of Norway must have been like when it was a major market and trading post. I am really surprised that I have no photos of the area as the pictures in my head are so clear. Still there are plenty of links on the internet to give you a flavour of the place. If you are there it is worth a bit of your time if for no other reason as a nice stop to eat your sarnies.

After the museum which had pictures recreating the scene at the end on the 9th century, and information about excavations etc, we made use of the toilets at the back of the building (the drinks in Larvik having worked their way through). Then back on the road in the direction of Sandefjord.

Sandefjord was a big place, harbour boats ferries. Wide open streets and very sunny. We stopped to check the ferry times for Moss - Horton at the tourist information and then cycled slowly up through the town for a look round though the wide streets and to see if there was a veggie restaurant open. We found it and it was shut so we headed off onwards to our goal.

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