Day 16. Helgeroa to Husøy.

Distance 66.5km. Average 16.3km/h.

Despite the rest day or perhaps because of it, getting going was a bit harder work than we had hoped. Packing up in the glorious sunshine, we left via the Reception to pay and hand back the card for accessing the shower blocks. The sun was shining, and it seemed that the campsite was starting to empty out slowly. Off up the hill and back on the NSCR the day was started.

We had originally planned to go as far as Moss on the route, cross the fjord to Horton, and then cycle up to Oslo instead of to the Swedish border. However seeing as it appeared we had some time in hand, we decided to finish the whole of the route off with this trip. We realised that we had no more than 3 days of cycling ahead of us, which made me a little sad as it meant our holiday was nearing its end.

We left reasonably early that day, not one of those 'on the way by lunch' days. If I remember correctly we cut off a small section of the route shortly after Helgeroa, missing the detour down to the beauty spot of Mølen, and headed towards Larvik.

I can't remember much of Stavern but do remember the wonderful views as we cycled along the Larviksfjorden in the sunshine. Once again we were seeing Norway in the best possible light (both in reality and metaphorically). We slowed down in Larvik, looking for something, but it seemed that everything was shut (it being I think a Sunday). We spotted the railway station beside the water, near a ferry and freight terminal, and headed for it.

Luckily the train station facilities were open, so we made use of the toilets before buying a mid-morning snack. We sat outside in the sunshine enjoying the view. Fully refreshed and following a second precautionary trip to the toilets, we climbed back on our bikes and headed off towards Sandefjord.

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