Day 10. Lunde to Spangereid (Rest Day).

In that sanctury of dryness and homage to everything outdoors we discovered for the first and only time a bottle of Fin Fyr, and purchased one along with two portions of chips each and a cup of coffee for dinner. This was the second reason why buying more Rød Sprit a few hours earlier had been a bad idea. Buying the Fin Fyr left us with lots of fuel for the Trangia, and an extra kilogram of dead weight.

As we had just got incredibly wet we left puddles behind in the shop. Next stop was the supermarket next door. The usual aimless wandering caused us to buy too much, no big deal just meant that we had heavier bags for the following day. We made some soup and tea in the tent, keeping the burner on for warmth. We discovered that putting the burner on simmer warmed the tent up a lot and it was one way of getting rid of the remains of the unopened ethanol in the fuel bottle.

Whilst we were busy digesting our dinner the site owner arrived and took some money from us. All very reasonable.

Later in the evening a Dutch camper arrived and the driver tried to bargain with the owner for a better deal, saying that he could go to a competitor. We found this an interesting idea, as having looked at the map, it was clear there was no other sites for miles around. Adding to our amusement was that this campsite was the cheapest we had stayed at so far (and turned out to be the cheapest of the whole trip).

Across the road from the tackle shop was we had noted earlier that there was large campsite full of Scouts of various ages. Judging by the noise emanating from the site during the night there was a lot of joyous woggle waving and generally healthy scouting-type entertainment going on. Ahh woodsmoke.

The following morning the Dutch camper driver tried again to get a discount if he was to stay for a week. Apart from our field the campsite was completely full. Hmmm.

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