Day 2. Mooching around Bergen

The next stop was to look at the old heart of the town. Wooden buildings are a persistant feature of the Norwegian town and landscapes. The leaning facade of the Gamelbyen are relatively young as fires have destroyed parts of the wooden town in the past. However still interesting to see and well worth a visit.

I liked the constructional details which are to be found in ships and modern allotment sheds in the Netherlands and also the wooden decking. I suppose that there can only be a certain number of ways of joining wood together.

One building was being restored as part of a UN heritage project. There was a small exhibition, showing the tools that they were using. These modelled on the old tools that were used originally during construction. For me very fascinating. Damae however was drawn to a couple of chic shops in the old town although nothing took her fancy (plus with 1100km ahead of us extra weight was not a good idea).

We then wandered round the fishmarket area, a bit aimlessly, looking at Norwegian jumpers and hats with strings and ears all very touristy for those that like such things. We ambled back past the tourist information to a newer part of town with two large squares. A brass quintet was playing just finishing it set. We bought some more Norwegian chocolate at one of the ubiquitous Narvesen kiosks and sat down on some steps for a short while.

We headed back to the hostel, stopping on the way at a Statoil to pick up some Rød Sprit, ably assisted by a helpful cashier. This appeared to be the only thing we could find most of the time to fuel our Trangia burner during the trip. If available then Fin Fyr is a much better alternative although still not as clean as methanol.

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