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Damae inside the spacious MSR Wind 4 tent

Damae enjoying the space and warmth of the MSR Wind 4. (Early spring 2007)

The Macpac Citadel

Damae's favourite tent and the first one we bought together. The unusual design with a diagonal inner tent is a bit strange but actually rather practical especially when combined with two entrances and a large and small vestibule.

The MSR Wind-4

A lightweight generous sized four person tent that we use for cold weather camping. We both like the space this offers and you can stand up in it which makes dressing easier. We would use it for summer camping in mosquito infested areas as it has the space to be able to live inside it. A bit heavy at around seven to eight kilograms.

The Eureka Moonshadow Duo

This was Stan's first choice instead of the Citadel. However the extra room of the Citadel turned out to be a great advantage. Good value for money though and this tent ventilates very well.

The Helsport Fjellheimen Camp 3

We bought this for the 2008 trip after a rather unfortunate spell with a Vaude Monolith Ultralight. This Helsport tent is about as large inside as the Citadel albeit a little less convenient with only one entrance. However it has a tiny pack volume and very short poles and weighs around a half kilo less than the Citadel. You can carry it in a front pannier quite easily. We like this tent too.

The Vaude Monolith Ultralight

This turned out to be our only bad buy so far. No-one could stop a large puddle forming on the roof of the tent when it rained. To make matters worse the puddle formed across a large seam which guaranteed that the water would make its way onto the inner tent. Luckily we managed to get a full refund and bought the Helsport tent instead.

Helsport Fjellheimen Camp 3 in its natural habitat. (Ona summer 2008)

Helsport Fjellheimen Camp 3 in its natural habitat. (Ona summer 2008)