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Bikes and bags.

Bikes summer 2005

Touring bikes


Our Halfords 'Limit' 21 speed hybrid bikes
This was how we used them for our first big trip the NSCR in Norway. They still had the original rear racks which were heavy and not very strong. They got replaced when we returned with Tubus racks.


Our Halfords 'Limit' 21 speed hybrid bikes
Not only did we have Tubus racks on the back but we added Tubus lowriders. This made the bikes feel more balanced and a little surprisingly, stiffened up the front forks nicely. We went over the Rallarvegen for the first time on these bikes and they performed very well.


This year was more about evolution than revolution. The pinnacle of development of these bikes (well maybe not). By now both of the bikes had had new rear wheels. In my case in 2005 due to the best efforts of baggage handlers either in Oslo or Schiphol, and in Damae's case due in to a combination of two small problems on the 2006 tour. Either one on their own would not have lead to her rear wheel suffering a broken spoke. Both together did. By the time we noticed it and got the spoke replaced the damage had been done.

Damae's Halfords 'Limit' 21 speed hybrid bike.

Stan's Halfords 'Limit' 21 speed hybrid bike.


This is on the to-do list (which is getting rather long) and will include information about our VSF T400 bikes with Rohloffs. We love them!



We started doing longer tours in 2007 with our Bromptons. Mostly we do weekends with them. These pages show how the bikes were set up in 2007. Since then there have been a number of changes to the bikes and to how we carry luggage. In any case food for thought. We're still thinking about Rohloff conversions on these bikes as gearing is still the number one issue and we've got Rohloffs in our new touring bikes. Once you have a Rohloff in one bike, you want one in all your bikes.

Our Brompton pages