Our lights and SON.

This consists of a SON dynamo (the small one for folders and recumbents) a B&M rear light and twin headlights. The right-hand one is a SON E6 secondary lamp, the other one is a cheaper B&M Lumotec with an on-off switch. The only slight problem is that the switch is almost completely hidden by the Brompton touring bag. It would be useful to sort this out sometime.

We use both lamps rather than switching the E6 off when cycling slower. The light output is great, even at lower speeds. I think if we were climbing then I'd be tempted to turn off the second light. The rear lights, in Damae's case a 'B&M D-Toplight Plus' have good stand lights and are both very bright. Stan's bike has a different rear light from the B&M range (see photo).

We have discovered that B&M do a battery light that takes AA batteries and can be charged up via a SON (or other hub) dynamo. We'll be in Munich soon so we are going to have a look round bike shops to see if anyone has the product in stock. This would give us a reliable way of charging up AA batteries for cameras and palmtops, plus a bright LED lamp for emergencies.
Damae's front lights and SON as seen from the saddle .
© 2007 S Williams