Stan's Cockpit.

The lefthand image shows the view of the handlebars from the saddle. In addition to the bar ends the Brompton grips have been removed. Their replacements are gel filled and provide a much bigger and much softer contact surface than the original grips. Newer Bromptons appear to have a similar style of grip. Essential and cheap additions (around Eur 5 a pair).

Below the Klickfix is the bike computer. A problem with all small wheeled cycles is that the standard length of wire for computers is just too short. The distance from wheel centre to handlebar on a bike like a Brompton is much more than on a mountain or touring bike. I am going to have a go at lengthening the wire as the computer is quite well hidden by the handlebar bag. However with the computer in that position the bike can still be folded and the computer is quite well shielded from damage.

Stan's handlebars as seen from the saddle showing Klickfix, bars and grips.
© 2007 S Williams