The saddle stem handlebar bag adaptor.

The adaptor fixes to the upper part of the extending Brompton saddle stem. This then accepts a standard Klickfix handlebar bag mounting. The mounting screws in place with the four screws suppled which keep it in place.

This mounting will take both Agu and Ortlieb handlebar bags which is useful. We have discovered that the adaptors are strong enough to carry around four or five kilogrammes of weight. We use drybags and strap them onto the mounting. Note the drybags have to be firmly packed otherwise they move round too much.

Using the mountings like this seems to increase wear on the plastic liner that supports the saddle stem at the bottom. We will be keeping and eye on this but so far it seems to work very well.

The rear handlebar bag mounting on our Bromptons. Strong enough to take a couple of kilogrammes of weight
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