The front handlebar mounting on Stan's Brompton.

The Klickfix mounting is tightened enough so that it stays in the upright position. In this position (lefthand image) the Brompton can be folded as normal.

To hang a handlebar bag off it the Klickfix mounting is rotated through ninety degrees, downwards and forwards. The short wire that usually stops the Klickfix from rotating has been replaced by a longer piece of multi-strand wire. This ensures that the mounting does not rotate further downwards, whilst friction and the weight of the handlebar bag itself ensures the mounting does not rotate upwards.

So far this has worked very well for several hundred kilometers with loads up to 3kg. Care has to be taken to ensure sufficient clearance between any handlebar bag and the Brompton touring bag. The Ortlieb handlebar bag cannot be opened when fitted to the bike in this way.

The front handlebar bag mounting on Stan's Brompton.
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