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Our cycling year started relatively early after we finished the final stage of modifying our Bromptons. In addition to changes to the handlebar stem and handlebars, which were completed before we moved to Norway, both bikes now have 16 gears. We built Nexus 8 hubs into some Sun CR18 rims and added a double chainring at the front with a derailleur.

So in the spring we had to go for a few test runs to see how they worked. We were a bit limited as this period coincided with Damae's first trimester (we're expecting our first born in November) and she was about as lively as a slug for three months. On good days we managed a couple of ten kilometer circles round Gol and Herad and discovered that the bikes with their new gears worked rather well.

So much so, that we decided to use the Bromptons (with the Brompt-o-lieb luggage system) for our summer tour as it would give us much more flexibility. The tour was planned in the middle of Damae's second trimester on the basis that she would more energetic then. If things didn't go to plan or expectations, then we could always fold the bikes up and take a train or a bus a bit further along the route.

Travelogues 2013.

Summer 2013

The NSCR in Germany and part of Cycle Route 5 in Jutland, Denmark

This was a three week 1000km tour revisiting part of the NSCR between Cuxhaven and Sylt. Then we cut across Jutland via Ribe to Fredericia and completed the last bit of Cycle Route 5 up to Grenaa that we'd failed to do in 2012.

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A quick blast over the Rallarvegen on Bromptons

We had been living in Gol for almost three years, just an hour or so from Haugastøl by car. But for various reasons we hadn't found the time or energy to take the tour again. In late July we decided, on the spur of the moment to take our Bromptons over the Rallarvegen.

On the last weekend in the month the weather forecast looked promising and Damae, although in her 26th week of pregnancy felt that she had enough energy to have a go. We decided to drive to Haugastøl on the Friday evening and cycle up to Finse where we could camp. Then on the Saturday we'd try to get to Myrdal in time for the 1840 train back to Haugastøl. This is a simple picture gallery that may, or may not be replaced with a proper travelogue at some point in the future. The Rallarvegen on Brompton

Day ??: German NSCR Norddeich, Oben Day ??: Denmark Day ??: Sunset with bump.

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