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Day 1: Rain in Skåne Day 5: Rostock Day A boat out at sea

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2012 turned out to be a rather bad year. The initial optimism that my new job gave us evaporated as it became apparent that there were some serious problems at my work. This dampened down our spirits repeatedly and it wasn't until halfway through 2013 that any significant chance of improvements appeared. Our summer tour was a chance to forget about our troubles for a while but it didn't quite turn out like that.

Travelogues 2012.

Summer 2012.

This travelogue will cover parts of the following routes :
Baltic sea route in Germany
Cycle Route 5 in Denmark
The Ginstleden in Sweden
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This was a tour squeezed in between two music camps that Damae attended in Southern Sweden. We started and finished in Svalöv in Skåne cycling a circular coastal route from Sassnitz in Germany up to Grenaa in Denmark. There we took the ferry to Varberg and cycled back down to the starting point.

The weather in the first few days was unhelpful. As was a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for a mild complaint the week before we left on holiday. She omitted to mention that a side effect of many antibiotics is that they can make your skin very sensitive to sunshine. After the unhelpful weather at the beginning of the holiday we had plenty of hot sunny days...

Day 7 Poppies Day 13 Denmark view from the teltplads Day 18: Trees in Skåne.

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