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Day 3, Damae near the top of Valdresflya

From Gol to the Lofotens: AKA The "Grey Skies-Headwind" Tour:

We moved to Gol in Norway in the summer of 2010. There was so much to do that we hardly got out on our bikes, besides cycling round Holland in the frantic weeks before we moved. Once we'd started the process of establishing ourselves in Gol, we had one short trip up onto Golsfjellet in the late summer of 2010 but that was about it.

As 2010 turned into 2011 we looked forwards to our first full summer as residents of Norway. The important question was where should we go for our first cycle tour since moving to Gol. Damae had wanted to visit the Lofotens since 2007 after hearing collegues at work raving about how wonderful the islands were. We nearly went there in 2008 but cycling down National Cycle Route 9 had been a much better choice.

So for our summer 2011 trip, our thoughts turned to cycling to the North of Norway. After much discussion we decided to cycle up from Gol to Bodø along the Rv 17 from Steinkjer, which would hopefully leave us with some time to visit the Lofotens and then take public transport back home. That was the plan at least.

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The Travelogue in words pictures and videos. Contents page.

Travelogue Part 1: Gol to Trondheim via Valdresflya and Orkdal

Travelogue Part 2: Trondheim to Bodø via the Rv 17.

Travelogue Part 3: Noodling round the Lofotens.

For the 'picture thinkers' Just the pictures from the three parts of the trip.

For the YouTube generation: just the videos from the trip.

Day 16 twenty minutes after leaving Grønsvik on the way to Kilboghamn