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Day 1: Leaving home Day 5: a wet and windy day on the E6 Day 14 Nesna Rv 17

You have found our 2011 Cycle touring pages.

In 2010 we moved to Gol in Norway. This left us precious little time to go cycle touring. Our cycling in 2010 was limited to rushing round Utrecht trying to sort things out before we moved and to a couple of day trips in the local area after we moved.

So when 2011 arrived we started to look forward to a new year and hopefully some cycle touring. We did some short trips in the area round Gol, used our folding bikes when visiting Oslo and managed a trip up to Golsfjellet.

Travelogues 2011.


Two days and a wild camp at Tisleifjorden on Golsfjellet. I have not started on this travelogue as yet.

Summer 2011.

16-02-2011 Work in progress. If you want to be updated when something changes subscribe to our RSS feed.

Summer 2011 will cover the following routes
Gol to Trondheim via Valdresflya and Orkdal
Trondheim to Bodø following Rv 17 (mostly)
A few days cycling round the Lofotens.

Day 17 tunnel on the Rv 17 Day 19: Hustad early morning start Day 25: the view West from Å.

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