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Summer 2009 NSCR in Germany and Denmark and two routes in Southern Norway: Just the videos.

Our 2009 tour took in a wide range of scenery and weather. From the flat dyke landscapes of the NSCR in Germany and parts of Denmark to the steep climbs and wilderness of Southern Norway.

This is a page to see just the videos. They are also to be found in the travelogue 'in words and pictures'. They are arranged in chronological order as mpg files. On a broadband connection it will probably take around 10-15 seconds to load a video before you can start playing it.

29-08-2011 Work in progress. Here are the videos that have been uploaded so far. If you want to be updated when something changes subscribe to our RSS feed.

Day 4
A wet start to the day

Day 4
A short storm shower

Day 6
The start of the Eidersperrwerk

Day 9
The gale at lunchtime

Day 10
The morning breeze

Day 13
Crackle, crunch, smile

Day 15
Telemark canal - Ulefoss locks

Day 16