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Day 18 the high fjell road from Valle to Lysebotn

Cycling the German and Danish NSCR and National Cycle Routes 2 and 6 in Norway.

After our great tour in 2008 we were not sure what to do for the summer of 2009. Other uncertainties made planning difficult and in the end we chose to cycle up to Hirthals from Nieuweschans, following the NSCR in Germany and Denmark, before crossing to Norway. There we were going to try to complete National Cycle Routes 2 and 6 before Damae had to fly back to Holland for a final exam. The last part of the holiday was open, in the end we decided to go and have a look at the Oslomarka and try to get to Lillehammer before taking the train back to Oslo.

It sort of worked out as planned, we completed the NSCR in Germany, and Denmark, and managed to complete the two routes in Norway. These turned out to be quite the most demanding we'd done so far, more so than any of the routes we'd done in 2008. However, it was quite a different experience to the summer of 2008 but still one with some unforgettable moments.

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The Travelogue in words, pictures and videos. Contents page.

Prologue: Time for a well deserved holiday

Travelogue Part 1: from Nieuweschans to Hirthals, the NSCR in Germany and Denmark

Travelogue Part 2: from Larvik to Larvik via Lysebotn and Rujkan. - National Cycle Route 2 & 6.

Travelogue Part 3: Doing other things. Three days on the Oslomarka. Licking our wounds.

In old fashioned mpg format, just the videos from the trip

NSCR Germany a king sized 'terp' and sea defences in the Watten