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Day 12-2. Krig Vig Camping (Agger) to Nørklit contd.

We were now heading in a northerly towards Vang which took us through some more forest. This was actually two sections of plantage, the first being Torup Klitplantage and the second section was Nystrup Klitplantage. Forest was welcome today as it took the edge off the headwind. There were signs of organised tree felling in this bit of forest too. About and hour after entering the forest we came across some random tree felling, which formed a significant impediment to our progress. The track was completely blocked by several large trees lying across it. It took a while for us to realiste this was probably damage from the storm that had battered us in Esbjerg. It was clear that we were going to have to take the bags off the bikes so we had a quick look for the best route across the fallen trees.

Damae went round the left hand side and discovered that there was some space between the two largest trees where we could put the bikes down. On the right hand side there was nowhere we could do this so it would mean carrying the bikes over the fallen trees in one go. We started taking the bags off the bikes and man-hadling the bikes over the trees. When we got to the other side we discovered another fallen tree, about fifty metres from the first two. So we wheeled the bikes a bit futher and lifted them over this tree too. Then we went back for our panniers and after about twenty minutes, which included the inevitable pee and snack stop, we were ready to go.

Soon after we left the forest, passed through Vang, which for some reason didn't merit a photo and headed north for a couple of kilometres. At the junction of the Nystrupvej and Kronens Hedervej we turned righ towards Vandet Klitplantage. We were now following National Cycle route 17 (Nordtyruten) which headed East in the direction of Thisted. The forest was lush and green here but didn't last for long. It was now past one in the afternoon so we started thinking about a place to have our lunch. We were looking for a picnic table and just a few kilometres from this junction we found what we were looking for. There was a mini lay-by with a reasonable view and a nice sturdy picnic bench. Next to it was a stone commemorating the creating of the forest in this area, apparently to protect the fertile farmland behind it.

We took our time with our lunch break today. It ended up being a forty-five minute stop, just a bit longer than usual. I brewed up and we sat eating our sandwiches in the peace and quiet of the Danish countryside. We were sheltered from the breeze here too, only needing to put on a couple of layers to keep us warm. Whilst a bit of sun would have been nice, we were glad that the rain had held of so far. Looking at the maps we realised that we were still well short of our hundred kilometre target for the day. We'd need to pace ourselves carefully during the rest of the afternoon.

It was two o'clock when we got on our way. Within ten minutes of setting off we turned north onto Cycle Route 2 and headed towards Agerholm. There was a short section of forest before we burst out into open countryside. Fields of wheat surrounded us as we cycled round the east side of Vander Sø. We then crossed the 557 and I took one last look at Vandet Sø whilst I waited for Damae to catch up. As we rejoined the NSCR a few minutes later the road turned to a gravel track. The first bit was a fast downhill and our SMART Sam tyres were a definite asset here. The downhill turned into a gentle uphill as we passed a family on bikes heading the other way. Not long after we found the free camp spot that we remembered from our previous trip. "Maybe next time" we said and headed on past the large stacks of felled trees.

Still there was something to look forward to, a lovely turn in the route just after a forest. I took a panorama of the view the first time we did the Danish NSCR. The image had stuck in my mind as we'd been cycling through a forest to suddenly pop out into fields of wheat and views over Nors Sø. But something had changed. As we got closer we realised that the forest had gone. We noticed piles of logs stacked next to the track and piles of smaller branches where the trees used to be. It was a surprise as it is all to easy to expect things to be the same three years later as though no-one has the right to alter the landscape. I grumped to myself, as Damae caught up but then we saw that view again.

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