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Day 11-3. Lyngvig to Krik Vig Camping (Agger) contd.

We decided to make Agger our goal for the day and headed off down the next bit of gravel track. This highlighted the problems with describing gravel tracks in travelogues. In 2006 this section had a firm well made sandy/gravel surface. We raced down it as a thunderstorm came in from the East. I was kind of looking forward to racing down it, only to find that the gravel road had been newly re-laid and the surface was rather loose. We tiptoed our way down the hill trying to avoid getting the bikes sideways or getting up too much speed. We were quite relieved when the cycle route turned onto a tarmac road and we carried on towards Harboør.

The road followed the railway line which we crossed a couple of times. It was flat and easy going. The route took us back out to the coast just before Harboør and we passed the campsite that had been our haven after the storm the last time we were here. I agree it doesn't look promising from the road but we remembered the excellent showers with underfloor heating. Ah, happy memories.

The next section was a bit that both of us had forgotten. It went round some marshland before running up between the main road and the railway line. The track was good and and apart from a couple walking a dog and one cyclist going in the opposite direction, it was quite free of traffic. In the distance, under the grey sky, we had views across to Thyborøn.

Twenty-five minutes later, just before entering Thyborøn our quiet cycle track came to an end. We decided to pick up some groceries in Thyborøn as we were not sure if there were shops in Agger nor if they would be open. This lead to a bit of a round the houses search for a supermarket which we eventually found. Then we headed back to the harbour in the general direction of the ferry. We arrived at the jetty at half past four and parked up at the front of the very short queue. We didn't have to wait long for the five o'clock ferry to arrive and walked our bikes on and left them at the back of the ferry.

The ferry chugged its way from Thyborøn carrying its cargo towards Langholm. Around us were views of an industrial port, it didn't look like a place you would berth your yacht. The sun made brief attempts to re-appear as the boat turned slowly in the fjord. As we stood around on deck our leg muscles stiffened up and we cooled down. It was about a quarter past five by the time we were off the boat. We let the traffic pass us before we set off on the last nine kilometres to the campsite. We were glad that it was flat and that there wasn't a headwind. It took us a while to get back into the rhythm of cycling. There wasn't so much to see, windmills on the Vestervig side of the fjord and general Dutch-Afsluitdijk like flatness.

It was just after six when we arrived at Krig Vik Camping. It turned out to be a quiet place with good showers and free internet. I made some pesto pasta this evening and we checked our email for the first time in a few days. It was pleasant enough but for some reason I didn't take any photos. As the weather had cooled in the last couple of hours, and we wanted an early start tomorrow we retired to bed relatively early. It had been a good day, we had covered a good distance without tiring ourselves out completely. We checked the maps again whilst in the comfort of our tent and realised that Hirtshals might just be within reach the day after tomorrow. Now that was interesting and it gave us something to aim for.

With that thought in our minds we settled down from the night and, as usual fell asleep quickly.

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