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Day 11-2. Lyngvig to Krik Vig Camping (Agger) contd.

Just before a quarter to twelve we were ready to get going again. We cycled the few kilometres on good tracks through Husby Klitplantage sheltered from what little wind there was by the dense forest. Half an hour later we popped out onto the main road which was terribly straight and exposed (should you be unfortunate to encounter an unfavourable breeze) and headed up to Thorsminde. At least we had a cycle track next to the road. In Thorsminde we crossed the bridge and cycled into the car park on the left hand side of the road. Here, we found some public toilets and decided to make use of them.

We took turns to watch over the bikes as we usually do. For some reason I decided to take a panorama of the car park. When I started looking through the pictures in preparation of writing Day 11 I wondered why Thorsminde had made such an impression on me. Why the panorama? Then I remembered why.

I was minding my own business, lost in my thoughts, standing next to the bikes when a Chrysler Voyager on Dutch number plates turned into the car park and parked up. It disgorged a family which included one of the noisiest and most unruly children I had seen in a long time. The mother's parenting style indicated that these behavioural issues were probably a combination of both genetically determined traits and years of careful (if accidental) training. It seemed that there was no way that neither the child nor the mother were going to quieten down soon. So I was quite relieved when they disappeared into the Tourist Office a few minutes later. Even better they didn't re-appear before we left the car park.

After all that excitement it was back on the road again. Literally. The first section North of Thorsminde didn't have a cycle path but neither of us remember there being any problems with traffic on this road. As we approached Fjaltring we were kicked off onto a short section of gravel road, past a rather impressive collection of farm buildings. We could already see the church at Fjaltring in the distance separated from us by fields of wheat. We followed the NSCR signs that took us towards the church and cycled past it without stopping. We'd stopped here last time for a break and really wanted to see the next gem on the route.

From Fjaltring we headed slowly out to the coast on flat open roads and through a village that we might have cycled through in Holland or Germany. Across the farmland we could see Trans Kirke with the North Sea behind it. The last time we had been here it was undergoing restoration work and the tower had been covered by scaffolding. As we zig-zagged towards Trans we could see that the work on the church had been finished and the tower was gleaming white. We paused at the cliffs to look at the next part of the route and admire the church. In the distance was another tall building, the lighthouse at Bovbjerg.

We whizzed up the coast to the lighthouse and found a bench with a view on the other side of the road. It was getting close to two in the afternoon and we decided it was time for a cuppa. Damae was distracted by the art behind us, whereas I was enjoying the view down the cliff in front of us, which was showing clear signs of erosion damage. We took the opportunity to look at our maps and to try and work out how far we were going to get today. We had a tighter schedule than usual on this trip so I wondered if we could make it to the campsite in Agger by the evening. This was a fair way to go but it included the ferry at Thyberøn which would break up the last twenty kilometres. The other thing in our favour was that most of the afternoon's cycling would be on tarmac roads rather than gravel.

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