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Day 11-1. Lyngvig to Krik Vig Camping (Agger).

Distance D 105.32 km Max 45.5 km/h Time 6.01:09 Average 17.5 km/h
Distance S 105.46 km Max 50.0 km/h Time 5.47:52 Average 18.2 km/h

We awoke some time before seven to bright sunlight streaming in through the tent fabric. I took the opportunity to take a photo of the Gimle's excellent loft which had been holding our moist towels all night. Despite the long day the day before we felt fit and were raring to go. We ate breakfast and packed in and were outside the reception by twenty past eight. It was thus a bit of a shame that the campsite reception didn't open before eight thirty and we had to return our shower block keycard or lose our deposit. There was also a queue and we were not at the front of it. I stood outside in the sun looking East to see the main road, and then West. Over there somewhere were the dunes and the NSCR. It was quite a large campsite.

By a quarter to eight we were back on the NSCR and started off North once more. After a couple of minutes of cycling along the good and entertainingly winding gravel track Lyngvig Fyr appeared straight ahead of us. It was lit by the sun from the East and looked wonderful in the bright morning light. We didn't stop to take in the view, we were in cycling mood this morning.

We carried on through holiday home suburbia through huddles of rather grand structures and then back out into the emptyness of the dunes. The track was easy going, just some chicaines in the way to impede our progress. A few more holiday villas later and we popped out in Sødervig where we turned right onto a very straight cycle path next to a very straight road. I remembered this section as the last time we'd been here we encountered a couple of cycle tourists blocking the path completely as they checked their maps.

The straightness only lasted for a short while as we then turned left heading North towards Lodbjerg Hede and cycled for a while past the rather large golf course (complete with holiday homes for the real addicts). We carried on following the NSCR signs to Stadilø where the road turned East before slowly curving North again. Across the fields of wheat we could see a dyke in the distance. We arrived at another junction and turned left onto a lovely bit of cycle track called the "Vest Stadil Fjord Cykelsti" that we both remembered from 2006. This consisted of about eleven kilometres of dirt track on top of a dyke that would take us almost all of the way to Vedersø Klit. Within fifteen minutes we arrived at the spot where we had taken a tea break on our previous visit. This was at the junction of Skelmosevej and Tarpvej a few kilometres west of Stadil. Not much had changed and the public barbeque pit was still there next to the picnic bench.

It was too early to stop for a break but a few minutes later Damae had to stop for some important clothing re-arrangements. The sun had come out a little and we were now too warm. Not that this was to last. As we pushed on through open countryside the sun went in behind light clouds and our shadows disappeared. We cycled past Vedersø Klit and approached a forest (Husby Klitplantage) that we both remembered from the last trip. Back then we stopped there and brewed up in the rain whilst chatting to a Dutch couple. So we knew that there was a picnic table and a bin which made it the perfect spot for a bit of lunch.

We turned left into the forest and arrived at the perfect spot for a bit of lunch. A little to our surprise, the picnic table was nowhere to be seen. Neither was the bin. It was little consolation that there was no rain like last time, as we had been looking forward to a nice comfy, rustic picnic bench. We grumped a little and wheeled our bikes about twenty metres to where there was a bit of grass to sit on. We spread out our German tablecloth, put the kettle on and started eating our sandwiches.

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