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Day 7-2. Rest day in Tönning contd.

We then had a look round what appeared to be the German equivalent of a British Pound Store. As Damae thought she had found something that would work as a mini tarp. It turned out to be a plastic table cloth, which might have made a good tarp except it as much too big, much too heavy and plasticised on both sides. However, we wandered back outside, now in a lateral thinking mode, only to discover much smaller and lighter tablecloths. One side was plastic and the other side cloth. This seemed like a much better idea, the plastic side was waterproof and the cloth side was better to sit on. We chose a tablecloth that was the least garish and for the princely sum of three and a half Euros we had solved the first of our problems.

A little cheered up we headed to the supermarket to get some food. This was quite a large shop and had a gardening and outdoor section too. In the food section we picked up some organic pasta and found some dried mushrooms. These we normal button mushrooms rather than expensive shitake mushrooms and were ideal for one pot soup and pasta based meals. Also on our list was bike oil, the other important thing we'd managed to leave at home. In the outdoor section we found small containers of bike oil and, on a shelf nearby, litre bottles German brennspiritus. That was two more problems solved.

Our day had started quite late in comparison with previous days on the tour. Even so it was now rather late for lunch and I'd reached the stage of being unable to make sensible food related decisions and needing to have someone else put some food and a Milchkaffee in front of me. Fortunately the supermarket also had a small bakery/cafe with chairs and tables outside in the sun. Whilst I sat outside guarding our newly acquired possessions, Damae arranged some food. Ten minutes later, halfway through a sticky bun and my coffee I started feeling a bit more human. Damae was working her way through another type of sticky bun with custard and icing and seemed to be enjoying that too.

After lunch we returned to the campsite and left our purchases in the tent. We had an appointment at four, with Herr Kraus to pick up Damae's bike. As we had some time to kill we wandered towards Zweiradtechnik-Kraus. One of Tönnings better kept secrets, believe it or not, is a sheep museum. We stood outside wondering if we wanted to go in or not. As we only had an hour spare we decided to give it a miss, being satisfied with the sheep in the fields next to the museum. One in particular, with four rather fearsome looking horns was sitting quietly trying to keep cool. Apparently sheep of this breed could have up to three pairs of horns. Not something you'd want to bump into on a dark night on the moors.

We carried on along the river dyke towards the bike shop. In the middle of a roundabout we found what looked like an art installation. It looked like it was a temporary piece of art as it appeared to be made of plywood and cloth. A little bemused we carried on towards Zweiradtechnik-Kraus pausing to look at another terrace of houses. Unlike terraced houses in the UK, which share a roof, that runs parallel with the road, this picture shows a row terraces with gable ends for facades.

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