On the ferry to Bremerhaven Stormy weather and sheep gates, NSCR Germany Postboxes in Norway Windy road Cycle Route 2 Picnic bench at Oanes Big cliffs on Cycle Route 3 in Norway Church on the pigrim's route north of Oslo

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Summer 2009 Germany, Denmark and Norway: Contents.

Full statistics per day are on the Statistics page, a few notes about the route are here.

Part 1: From Nieuweschans to Hirtshals via the NSCR in Germany and Denmark.

Prologue: We need a holiday but will we get one?
Day 1: 87km Nieuweschans to Krummhörn-Upleward (Camping am Deich)
Day 2: 110km Krummhörn-Upleward to Hooksiel.
Day 3: 104km Hooksiel to Burhave
Day 4: 105km Burhave to Wingst
Day 5: 102km Wingst to Meldorf
Day 6: 50km Meldorf to Tönning
Day 7: 0km Rest and bike fix day in Tönning
Day 8: 127km Tönning to Højer
Day 9: 85km Højer to Esbjerg
Day 10: 92km Esbjerg to Lyngrig (North of Hvide Sande)
Day 11: 105km Lyngrig to Krik Vig Camping
Day 12: 95km Krig Vig Camping to Nørklit
Day 13: 120km Nørklit/Bulbjerg Camping to Hirtshals

Part 2: From Larvik to Larvik. National Cycle Routes 2 & 6.
(via the Telemark Canal, Dalen, Lysebotn and Rjukan).

Day 14: 69km Ferry to Larvik then via Helgeroa to Porsgrunn
Day 15: 66km Porsgrunn to Kilen
Day 16: 77km Kilen to Dalen (aan Zee)
Day 17: 62km Dalen to Valle
Day 18: 91km Valle to Oanes via Lysebotn
Day 19: 84km Oanes to Fister
Day 20: Rest day in Fister
Day 21: 98km Fister to Sauda
Day 22: 56km Sauda to Røldal
Day 23: 88km Røldal to Rauland.
Day 24: 83km Rauland to Tuddalen
Day 25: 67km Tuddalen to Akerhaugen
Day 26: 59km Akerhaugen to Ulefoss, bus to Larvik, cycle, Larvik to Aske

Part 3: Part 3: Doing other stuff. Three days cycling in the Oslomark.
Three days in Oslo and sightseeing in Copenhagen.

Day 27: Taking it easy at Hege's place
Day 28: Damae flies to Holland Stan takes the night train to Trondheim
Day 29: Damae flies back to Norway, Stan flies back to Sandefjord
Day 30: Fun in the sun on the beach
Day 31: Sopptur i skogen (mushroom picking)
Day 32: 15km Bike to Larvik, train to Skedsmo
Day 33: 44km Skedsmo to Katnosdammen DNT hut
Day 34: 58km Katnosdammen to Enger
Day 35: 35km Enger to Hov then bus back to Oslo
Day 36: Camping Ekeberg Oslo 'souvenier' shopping
Day 37: Oslo preparing for the future
Day 38: 6km Last day in Oslo, night ferry to Copenhagen
Day 39: 13km Copenhagen: sightseeing then night train.
Day 40: 3km Back in Utrecht.