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You have found our 2009 Cycle touring pages.

What a year 2009 turned out to be! I had an accident in the late spring that left me on pain killer for three weeks. Quite a few other things not related to cycling didn't go too well either. Still, we managed to do some cycling and there will be two travelogues this year.

Travelogues 2009.

Three days in Holland

A farewell tour of Holland that didn't turn out as planned.

Summer 2009.

16-02-2011 Work in progress. If you want to be updated when something changes subscribe to our RSS feed.

Summer 2009 will cover the following routes
Nieuweschans to Hirtshals on the NSCR in Germany and Denmark
National Cycle Routes 2 and 6 in Southern Norway
Three days cycling in the Oslomarka towards Gjøvik

Day 18 leaving Lysebotn Cycle Route 6 in Norway. On the road heading towards Fister Cycle Route 6 in Norway. On the way to Rjukan.

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