Every good orchestra needs a conductor

Every orchestra needs its conductor.

Day 1 Utrecht to Heumense Bos

Our day started in the sunshine in Peter's back garden where we assembled, drank coffee and ate cake. The high point of the morning was some very freshly baked gevulde koek eaten in the shade of a copse along the way. Some of the route was familiar much of it not. The afternoon brought broad vistas of rivers to contrast the wooded polder landscape that we cycled through in the morning. We saw storks and windmills and crossed rivers on ferries. The evening meal was at an Italian restaurant and just after we returned to the campsite Damae turned up. Damae liked our new tent.

Day 2 Heumense Bos to Belfeld

Damae's trip diary: Followed the LF3 down south. It was a lovely route. A fair bit of headwind. Stan had a flat and the tyre levers weren't strong enough. The day started sunny with some climbing and an exciting fast descent. We were to spend most of it being too hot. We had a late second lunch waiting for a ferry and made use of all the shade we could find. Petra was in top form as usual. The day ended with an excellent meal at a Chinese restaurant a few kilometres from the campsite where we celebrated Huub birthday.

Day 3 Belfeld to Roermond and back to Utrecht by train

Damae's trip diary "Trains weren't running so we decided to go to Sittard, then we left late so we went for Roermond so that we could be back on time. The chinese was really good last night. I like the new tent - still.
Today the weather turned and our resolved waned. There was plenty of off road work today, and we appreciated the wide tyres on our new bikes. It would have been much harder work on our Bromptons. The high point of the days was some real Limburgs tart: cherry and gooseberry were the favourites. After that we got wet. The group split up, by a ferry but not before the ladies handed out the prize to the best participant. Who was it? I can't remember. Then we headed to Roermond to catch the train. Once on the train we had to split up again and put our bikes in different carriages. Still all in all a good weekend's cycling

Stoppage time