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Looking from Ona to the mainland

Cycling the National Cycle Routes 3, 1 and 9 in Norway.

We made big plans this year for a long tour, an almost circular route starting with the route Kristiansand up to Florø taking in much of Cycle Route 3. The idea after Florø was to follow the coast to Trondheim along Cycle Route 1, before heading down Cycle Route 9 towards Halden. Route 9 would take in Røros, the boat down Lake Femunden, Åkrestrømmen and Elverum. In the unlikely event that we could get to Halden with some time in hand we planned to cycle down to Strömstad in Sweden and cross to Sandefjord on the ferry.

A little to our surprise, we made good progress on Route 9 and had a couple of days over when we arrived in Sandefjord. We made good use of the extra days by cycling up to Horton and then to Helgeroa and just managed to hit the two thousand five hundred mark. We spent our last night in Norway in an almost forgotten campsite on the outskirts of Larvik. It was an unforgettable cycle tour.

The Travelogue in words pictures and videos. Contents page.

Travelogue Part 1: from Kristiansand to Florø, including the trip up from Utrecht. - National Cycle Route 3

Travelogue Part 2: from Florø to Trondheim. - National Cycle Route 1.

Travelogue Part 3: from Trondheim to Larvik. - National Cycle Route 9 / NSCR Sweden and Norway.

For the 'picture thinkers' Just the pictures from the three parts of the trip.

For the YouTube generation: just the videos from the trip.

About to start the descent after climbing up from Røldal