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Day 39-1. Train back to Utrecht.

We awoke at a reasonable time, and had a leisurely breakfast. Damae was a little sleepy but thought our cycling sandal sunburn was cool and busied herself with trying to get the perfect picture. By now we'd arrived in Emmerich, the spot where the engine was swapped for a Dutch one and nicotine addicts could stand outside and puff to their heart's content (and heart's detriment). I often marvel at the slightly decrepit look that minor German railway stations seem to have. Damae was now interested in the interior of the cabin and took one of her characteristic pictures.

As we approached Utrecht we gathered ourselves together. Damae was going to look after the panniers as usual, whilst I walked up to the end of the train to unlock our bikes. I stood for a while looking out of the train, back down the track as the train sped through the flat Dutch landscape. This really was the end of the holiday and work would start a couple of days later.

By a quarter to eleven we were off the train and cycling in the sun towards Rio de Bio to pick up some fresh organic food for the next couple of days. That done we headed out of the centre to our house, let ourselves in and opened the windows to let out the musty air. Unpacking and sorting out took an hour or so, and after lunch Damae went out into the jungle that our garden had become. She attacked it with vigour and a pair of secateurs and uncovered our harvest, consisting two large pumpkins, a seriously overgrown courgette and a bowlfull of cherry tomatoes.

It wasn't really great to be back but at least the sun was shining. We'd achieved more than we'd set out to achieve and now it was time to get back to earning money again.

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