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Day 29-2. Elverum to Kongsvinger contd.

A little to our surprise the sun came out a few minutes after we started cycling. What had looked like rain for the rest of the day had suddenly turned in to sunshine, clouds and patches of blue sky. We grumped a little as we then had to stop and take our rain gear off. However it made a pleasant change to the weather so far today.

The weather stayed dry even though the sun disappeared every now and again. We noticed signs of wind flattened grass rather like we'd seen in Sweden on the Ginstleden route. The landscape started changing a little as the Glomma reappeared and the terrain became a little hillier. During one short climb, we saw an impressive looking set of buildings on a large grassy hill next to the road. Neither of us remembers if it was a small fort or a large farm. This signified the start of some moderate climbing.

A cycle track appeared, suggesting we were nearing Kongsvinger and a little further along I spotted an 'onion church'. When I was a kid our family used to spend every other summer in Croatia. We'd drive down though Germany and Austria and to reduce the occasional boredom we count all the churches that had those Central European onion shaped spires. As far as I could remember this was the first time I'd seen such a church in Norway.

A little before five we arrived outside Kongsvinger train station. The drive into town had been on rather busy roads as we skirted the impressive looking fort. We decided not to visit it as it had been a reasonably long day and we still had to find a campsite. Luckily we arrived just before the Tourist Information shut. Damae discovered that the only campsite nearby was about ten kilometres south of Kongsvinger. We'd have to retrace our steps tomorrow morning but we had enough energy left over for the final push.

Whilst we were at the station we bought some tickets and phoned Per-Christian when we knew the times of our train. As there was nowhere in Kongsvinger with secure bike parking we decided to take our bikes with us. Now all was organised and tomorrow all we had to do was pack up and arrive at the station in time for the train. What could possibly go wrong? It sounded like Per-Christian had organised a nice day out with the help of a friend with a boat so we were looking forward to a hyggelig and trouble free rest day.

The remaining cycle out to the campsite was fine, the sun even decided to come out and the sky cleared. A good way to end the day. Once at the campsite we found a nice site with free showers. We picked out a sunny spot on a small hummock, close to the facilities and put up the tent.

We made a late dinner and then took full advantage of the free showers. Although the shower block was a little down to heel the showers themselves were great with lashings of hot water and good shower heads. We stretched our muscles and were sort of glad we had pushed on the last few days. We had made up some time and could now spend the next couple of days taking it easy.

It was gone eleven by the time we crawled into our sleeping bags. Despite traffic on the road next to the campsite, and the tents full of groups of young boys who had been taking part in a local football tournement we both went out like a light.

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