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Day 27-3. Jonasvollen to Åkrestrømmen contd.

An hour and a half after finishing lunch we stopped again for a mid-afternoon break. The sun was out so it seemed a good time to stop and rest. While I stood around in the sun waiting for the kettle to boil Damae, in botanist mode again, found some interesting moss between the pine trees. As we drank our tea we discussed how far we were going to go tonight. Although it was already gone four in the afternoon we had cycled through the mid-afternoon dip and felt good. We were not sure where we were going to stop in the evening as there seemed to be a dearth of campsites after about seventy kilometres from Jonasvollen. We hoped that there would be a campsite at Åkrestrømmen but none of the information maps we'd seen so far, nor our road map, suggested that there was a campsite there.

Once back on the road the sun continued to come and go, and we had the occasional shower. There was not much variation in the landscape, we were still quite high up and around us were pine trees, plenty of that pale green moss and not much else. The road was quiet so we didn't have to think much about interacting with other road users. At a quarter past five we entered Rendalen Kommune and I remember there being a bit more climbing here. We stopped a couple of times to check tourist maps but there was still no indication that there was a campsite in Åkrestrømmen.

After the sign at Rendalen the clouds lifted a lot and we saw the pine and moss landscape in sunshine for the first time. We carried on climbing for a bit longer until just after seven when we hit a significant downhill that looked like it would take us into Åkrestrømmen. On the way down we looked at a potential wild camping spot but the only suitable spot was right next to a steep drop and just about as wide as our tent.

We then decided to give Åkrestrømmen a chance. It was the biggest place on the map for miles around so it had to have a campsite. Much to our surpise and delight as we entered the centre of Åkrestrømmen we found some new looking signs pointing to the campsite. We whooped with joy, after around a hundred kilometres of cycling we were going to get our nice warm shower after all.

On the way to the campsite we stopped at a petrol station to buy some milk and chocolate. The cashier confirmed that there was indeed a campsite and they rang to check it was open still. When we arrived at the campsite we were greeted by a Marty Feldman look-alike who, as it turned out spoke very good English and a site half full of season pitches but devoid of tents, campers and touring caravans.

Damae began speaking in Norwegian which brought a smile to the owner's face. He then replied in dialect and we all burst out laughing. He was curious as to why we understood some Norwegian when it was clear to see that we were foreign tourists. We had a good chat and he told us a bit about the campsite. He wasn't the owner as such but had been brought in to get the campsite running again as a going concern. The previous owners (a Dutch couple) had invested lots of money in the site, including over a million NOK in the toilet block alone. Unsurprisingly the business went bust rather quickly leaving the season pitch holders with free camping for a year or so.

So he was here to rescue the business so that it could be sold for a profit at some point in the future (2010: we saw the same campsite for sale in an advert on earlier this year). This suited him well as not only did he have years of experience in the hotel business but he was also a keen fly fisherman and there was good fishing to be had round Åkrestrømmen. He talked a bit about fly fishing and the waterproof clothing you had to wear.

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