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Day 27-2. Jonasvollen to Åkrestrømmen contd.

About a half hour later the boat arrived at Jonasvollen where we got off. With the help of the crew we got our bikes and bags off the boat without too much of a rush and watched the boat sail away heading south, the only patch of colour in an otherwise overwhelmingly grey landscape. Then it was time to start cycling. Once off the quayside we had to ask for directions as there were several dirt tracks. If I remember correctly we took the one to the right that climbed most steeply and after a few minutes had to stop.

Within the first few minutes of cycling, with all those extra layers I'd put on whilst freezing on the boat, I warmed up. I stopped to take off three layers of clothing and waited for Damae to arrive. Damae had dropped behind of course and when she arrived she spent a couple of minutes re-arranging her clothing before we started on our way. I then packed my camera away and it would be an hour or so before I took any more pictures. If the sun had been shining there would have been a reason to take photos. However with the low cloud cover and intermittent rain there was precious little variation in the view.

The dirt track stopped after a short while and we turned left onto the tarmac covered RV 28 heading south. The road looked quite flat which was good and we were able to maintain a good pace through the middle of the day. We were not ready for an early lunch at Jonasvollen, the waffles had seen to that, so we pushed on stopping only for a quick loo stop beside the road. The sky was still grey but the rain had first eased, then stopped and we started seeing lighter patches in the cloud cover. Maybe we would get to see some sun today after all.

Well not immediately as the rain started again as we batted down a longish gentle downhill section. This was not quite two cars wide and at one point a large empty lumber lorry raced towards us. I'm not sure if it was adhering to the speed limit but it felt fast as it passed. At the end of this section we came to a slightly curious junction, where we turned left again this time onto the RV 26 and we started wondering when and where to have a brew and some lunch.

It had started raining again so the where had to be sheltered or when the rain stopped. The rain didn't stop quickly so it was with some relief when a campsite with a canopy outside the reception turned up a half hour later. The reception was closed and apart from three girls playing outside there was no signs of life. We parked our bikes under the canopy and I started making tea as we ate some lunch. The girls came over and shyly asked a couple of questions and then went back to playing.

After a good half hour we decided to get going again the rain having stopped. Within a few minutes we saw a tiny patch of blue sky above us and the sky as the clouds started thinning a little. A quarter of an hour later we found some toilets at a car park and decided to stop and use them as we didn't know if we'd bump into some more anytime soon. Soon sky above us brightened noticeably and the patch of blue was growing too.

The road was still quite flat and not at all demanding and with the weather clearing up we forgot the cold start to the day. There was a nice downhill as we approached Isterfossen where we saw our first sign for Åkrestrømmen. Damae stopped here having spotted some colourful toadstools in the grass verge at the side of the road. The larger toadstool was a brilliant shade of red and clearly visible from our bikes. A few minutes later we crossed a bridge, over the narrows at Isterfossen and saw a solitary fly fisherman standing in the water. Then we turned right onto the RV 217 and pushed on towards Åkrestrømmen. Not long afterwards the sun came out properly even though the sky was still filled with dark clouds.

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