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Day 24-4. Trondheim to Græsli contd.

Within a half hour of entering Tydal Kommune the road started to flatten out a bit and undulate rather than just go up. We passed through what looked like a new section of road cut through rock. The remains of holes drilled into the rock were clearly visible on the freshly exposed surface. The light warmed briefly and Damae stopped to catch the textures now glowing in the evening sun.

I pulled away from Damae at this point wanting to keep a good rhythm going. The landscape did not change much through the evening, the road lined with pine trees and occasional clearings. We were now not so far from Græsli, although the road signs only had distances to Røros and Tydal and realised that we were going to have hot showers tonight. Damae was taking it slowly and surely on the uphill sections so I stopped and waited for her a few times. We needed to eat a little but after the plate of chips in Garberg a full meal would not be necessary.

We arrived in Græsli where the camp site was supposed to be, only to find no campsite signs. Doubt crept into my mind as I stood at a junction opposite a new industrial building housing some sort of IT company. Damae was still a little way away so I cycled in circles on the road looking all around me. Then down the right turning about two hundred metres away I noticed what might just be a campsite sign.

I pointed it out to Damae who agreed that it was a campsite sign and we headed towards it. It was now just gone nine in the evening and we'd travelled just over one hundred kilometres. We found the campsite around the back of a farmhouse the Græsli Fiskecamping and looked round for the reception. There was no-one around to ask as the campsite was entirely empty. Eventually we found the shower block and instructions to go to the farmhouse to register.

Damae wandered off to do that whilst I started putting up the tent. A little while later Damae came back to say that the owners were quite surprised to see us cycling into the campsite but had given her a warm welcome. Perhaps the warmth of her welcome had something to do with the fact that she spoke some Norwegian. In any case we now had some shower tokens, fresh water and a place to stay.

That was the last of the excitement done with for the day and now that the tent was up and the bedding in the inner tent we started to cool down and feel tired. The shower block had two large showers that could be used as family rooms so we decided to share one shower and make the most of our three tokens. In a late evening fumble we managed to waste one of the tokens, I can't remember quite how. However, the warm water was welcome and we both had enough to soothe our tired muscles.

The cloudy sky had one more suprise for us as the sun set with pinks and reds just visible above the trees on the edge of the campsite. We were ready for bed by now and once tucked up in our sleeping bags reflected briefly on a slightly strange day's cycling. We'd started in the urban sophistication of Trondheim, cycled along gravel tracks with many urbanites enjoying a Sunday morning in the great outdoors and finished in the silence and emptiness of Graesli fiskecamping in Tydal Kommune. Despite the hard going in the morning and the long slow climb before the descent into Selbustrand we'd managed just over a hundred kilometres.

It had been, all in all a really good day's cycle and sleep came quickly in the quiet of the empty campsite.

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