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Day 19-3. Ona to Bud contd.

We also realised that we had some cycling to do if we were going to reach Bud that night. We also had to find a supermarket somewhere to get some food, and checking the map, the only opportunity seemed to be in Tornes. Within half an hour of joining the main RV 663, and with the sky darkening ominously we found a supermarket next to the road. We just managed to lock up the bikes and take our bar bags off when the heavens opened. It was just normal summer rain big drops of water soaking everything, without the drama of high winds, thunder and lightning. Still we were glad to be indoors rather than cycling through it.

Damae did the groceries and we packed up our bags just as the shower stopped and headed on towards Bud. Although there were to be some climbs (one main one up to forty metres above sea level), to our relief we spent a lot of the time on the flat or going up gentle inclines. Much of the coast was mudflats like the one next to the campsite in Midsund. It was a little surprising to see flatness again, for the first time since leaving Denmark.

Flat was good and the rain held off, well mostly, forcing us to take off our rain coats before we had to stop and put them back on again. To our surprise the cycle track we had joined near Tornes carried on for a while and some of it was very new tarmac. The separate cycle track made the last hour to Bud campsite somewhat easier. It is harder to stay aware of other road traffic after tea-time and the almost empty cycle path was a godsend. The changeable weather meant another variation on 'the light in Norway' brooding clouds moving slowly above us. The colours and shades of greys changed all the time but imperceptibly. The scenery also alternated between the coastal mudflats and fields covered in intensely green grass.

It took us around an hour after stopping at the supermarket to find the campsite we'd chosen in Bud. As the sky darkened it looked like the weather going to be unsettled. Our unity of purpose was going to hit storms tonight as well. The issue of 'are we going to the Lofotens or not' had to be tackled soon as we were getting closer to Trondheim. To add to the discord I discovered that my ASUS EeePC running Xandros could not connect to any of the wireless access points on the campsite.

We managed to put up the tent just before it started raining and made some food. Between the short rain showers we made use of the showers in the new shower block which were excellent and free. In fact all the facilities were good. But it was well past nine o'clock before we found some time to think about the next part of the route, and I was by now tired and quite frustrated by the fickle nature of EeePC wireless networking (all solved by installing Eeebuntu a few months later). Thus the conversation was not quite as good tempered nor rational as it should have been, but a decision was taken. We were not going to head up to Bodø after Trondheim but down the National Route 9 to Strömstad.

Frustration, like worry, doesn't get you anywhere and spoils an otherwise reasonable evening if you let it. It might have been fun to go for a walk in the rain or see what Bud had to offer in the way of evening activities. Although despite the few easy days, we were quite tired tonight so maybe we would have cuddled up in bed a bit more amicably if I hadn't been so grumpy.

Still tomorrow was a nights sleep away for us to start afresh in and maybe both the rain and our evening mood would be replaced by something sunnier.

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